Whitewater Gardens Farm
Address: 17485 Calico Hill Road Altura, MN, 55910
Email Address:
Phone: 507-932-5225
About Us
Whitewater Gardens Farm is a small family farm located in southeast Minnesota on the edge of the beautiful Whitewater valley. Just thirty minutes from either Rochester or Winona, our products can be found in local Coops, restaurants and farmers markets.

Using regenerative certified organic methods, we grow a wide variety of produce in the mineral rich bluffland soils. In spring we offer tomato and herb transplants along with a large number of native prairie and woodland plants. We strive to work closely with nature to make our farm a healthy habitat for wild life, pollinators and beneficial insects. We work to encourage life in the soil to grow healthy, nutritious veggies for our community.
We are certified organic by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association) which is a third party certifying agent that performs an annual inspection of our farm and seed purchases.