O'Neill Family Farm
Contact: Kelley O'Neill & Cindy Wolf
Address: 29182 Hartwood Drive Rushford, MN, 55971
Email Address:
Phone: 507-450-5453
About Us
Kelley and Cindy established their farm in Rushford, MN in 1994. They use cattle and sheep to graze the rolling, hilly land, much of which is unsuitable for cropping. Lambs are born in April, May, June and October out on pasture. The lamb and beef are sold directly to customers at the Rochester Farmers Market as well as through the Dakota Lamb Growers Co-op. The farm also supplies meat to several restaurants and stores in Winona and the Twin Cities.

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1. Perennial, never tilled pasture/prairie ecosystem is beyond organic. Atmospheric carbon is reduced and sequestered in soil, where it belongs, as soil organic matter.
2. Sensibly and rationally grazed perennials improve water cycling and infiltration, reducing runoff and soil erosion: which is why eating meat from forages is more ecologically responsible than eating even organic food produced with tillage. Because all tillage destroys organic matter and releases more carbon into the atmosphere.
3. Grass is the seamstress of the earth, without which there can be no truly regenerative or restorative "food system".