Hiawatha Honey & Hive
Contact: Michael Shulman
Address: 807 47th Ave NW Rochester, MN, 55901
Email Address:
Phone: 507-884-9852
About Us
Hiawatha Honey & Hive is a Rochester, Minnesota based business specializing in local honey, hive products, and farm-fresh produce. You can find us at the Rochester Farmers Market, winter and summer.

Michael has been involved with beekeeping for more than 25 years. He started out “learning the ropes” with a large scale commercial honey operation and ventured out with his own hives nearly 20 years ago currently owning and managing around 60 hives in the three-county region.

Our offerings include affordably priced raw, local honey; hive products made with the wax our hives produce (candles, household products, beauty/personal care products, and 100% beeswax for crafting, etc); and garden-fresh produce including vegetables, tomatoes, and raspberries.