Trail Creek Coffee Roasters
Address: 305 13th Ave NW Kasson, MN, 55944
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Phone: 507-951-7251
About Us

We first met over a shared passion -- coffee. Our first date took us to a local coffee shop in Upper Michigan, where we discovered a mutual affection for the aromatic bean. As our relationship grew and family expanded, coffee always remained a staple component of our life. A latte accompanied every breakfast, rainy morning, or long car ride.

While loving coffee was our hobby, we both worked hard on our respective careers, and by 2017, had established our life in Kasson, Minnesota with our boys, Isaiah and Micah.

Even though we were both working stable jobs, we still felt drawn to our hobby. Our new coffee business aims to fill a need that we quickly identified as coffee lovers in Southeast Minnesota--a noticeable lack of freshly roasted coffee beans.

After first experimenting with an air popcorn popper, demand from family and friends grew, and we decided to purchase a small commercial roaster. We set up the roaster in our garage and operated under the MN Cottage Food Exemption. As the business grew, I (Jim) quit my full time job to pursue our coffee roasting business full-time. Our ultimate goal is to not only create delicious and premium roasted coffee, but also a sense of community and gathering. We hope our coffee connects you to others, and motivates you to live your adventure, wherever life takes you.